Choose a plan.

Choose the right plan for your business. Not sure? Set up a demo with one of our experts to learn more about what we have to offer.
Repair Only
9.95 / user / month
  • $ 2.00 per accepted EDI
  • up to 10 users
  • e-mail invoices

Sign up
  • Included Features
  • Live chat support
  • Advanced reporting
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Payment processing
29.95 / user / month
  • $ 1.00 per accepted EDI
  • $ 2.00 per electronic dispatch
  • $ 1.00 per VIN lookup
  • $ 59.95 per NAGS® license
  • $ 0.05 per SMS message
Sign up
  • All Repair Only features, plus
  • Glass replacement EDI billing
  • Electronic glass ordering
  • Basic integrations
39.95 / user / month*
10 User Minimum
  • $ 1.00 per accepted EDI
  • $ 1.50 per electronic dispatch
  • $ 0.90 per VIN lookup
  • $ 59.95 per NAGS® license
  • $ 0.03 per SMS message
Contact Us
  • All standard features, plus
  • Phone support
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • API/database access
  • Advanced integrations
  • Route optimizer
  • Custom Reporting

Frequent questions

1. What will I be charged for?

Your initial charges will vary depending on which version you choose, however, when you sign up you will be charged for your first month of fees for one user.

3. Will I need help to get started?

We have default setting and guided tours that will assist you in doing setup yourself. We also recommend utilizing one of our experts to help you in the beginning to make sure everything is set up so you have a great experience and full feature access from the start.

2. Which users need a NAGS license?

Any user who needs to access the NAGS catalog must have a license. Typically this means any users who are building quotes, work orders, and invoices will require a license. Technicians and accounting staff typically do not.

4. How often will I be billed?

Omega EDI customers are billed monthly on the anniversary on their sign up date. There are no annual fees for user subscriptions. Metered usage for the preceding period will be automatically charged on each invoice.